Partners Meeting – Évora


Date: September 24 – 25 , 2018

Location: Évora – Portugal

On September 24 and 25 ADRAL held the 5th meeting of REINOVA project partners at ÉVORA.

In this meeting, which was attended by two representatives of the CCDR-center, besides the presentation by the IDDNET of physical and financial execution of the project up  to date, each of the five working groups made a presentation of the work done with the companies supported and the conclusions obtained.

It was also elaborated the planning of the works to be developed until the end of the project and began the preparation of the definition of the service to be created in the post-project.

We’d like to highlight the spirit of sharing knowledge and experiences between the partners well present not only in this meeting but also in the previous ones, which strengthens the strengthening of relations and strengthens the cooperative spirit of the project.

Here you can see some photos of the event.


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