Creating new flavors with the REiNOVA program

New Flavours with REiNOVA

At the recent FESHIPOR event, the REiNOVA international program was present to present several of the innovative products that were developed over the past year, thus demonstrating their potential for disruption in the agri-food sector.

In this presentation, a Cooking Show was held with the presence and proposals of Chef Manuel Gil Filipe, from Las Barandas restaurant, which then presented the public with original, completely innovative flavors and recipes based on REiNOVA products.

The dishes presented by the Chef opened the appetite of the curious audience, proving that innovation is possible and is the right way for companies to stand out and open new markets.

Discover here the innovative recipes:

  • Pumpkin cream with spicy olive paste foam;
  • Organic hamburger with dehydrated tomatoes, eggless mayonnaise and pistachio cream, accompanied by cricket flour crackers and dehydrated olives;
  • Salmon with dehydrated persimmon and apple, and tinned grilled carp, accompanied with starch seasoned in olive oil with seaweed;
  • Chocolate filled with olive oil, with caramel strands.

 We also leave some photos, in which you can see the different dishes: