7th Partner meeting – Castelo Branco

7ª Encontro De Parceiros - Castelo Branco

Date: September 17/18, 2019

Location: Castelo Branco

On the 17th and 18th of September, the 7th meeting of REiNOVA project partners was held at ESART – School of Applied Arts, in Castelo Branco. This meeting was attended by a total of 17 people, representing all the REiNOVA project partners.

As this was the last meeting of REiNOVA project partners, a joint reflection was made on the solidity and mode of operation of the partnership, the difficulties encountered throughout the project, the results achieved and its merit.

Several topics of great interest to the project were also addressed, namely: level of physical and financial execution on the date and forecasts until the end of the project; level of compliance with indicators and ongoing measures to comply with them; summary of the tasks already performed and what is missing from each partner, to build a technical document with the methodology tested throughout the project; debate about the different funding possibilities and definition of the REiNOVA service after the end of the project.

Finally, the tasks to be performed until the end of the project were distributed among the partners, indicating the deadlines, and the actions for the dissemination of the results were defined.

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