Final Event – Valladolid and Castelo Branco

Evento final REiNOVA - Castelo Branco, Valadolid

Date: 17 and 18 of September de 2019

Location: Valladolid (Spain) and Castelo Branco (Portugal)

The REiNOVA project, presented on 17 and 18 September in Valladolid and Castelo Branco the results of the program.

The results presentation event to the community began on September 17 at the Escuela Internacional de Cocina de Valladolid, Spain, with the presentation of objectives, methodology and results obtained by the REiNOVA project, followed by a debate session between some of the Spanish companies supported by the project. To finish this first working session, three presentations related to the project theme were made:

“Trends in innovation on the agrifood sector” by D. Miguel Angel Domene – Head of Alimentación y Salud Cajamar;

“Keys to internationalization in the agrifood sector” by D. Guillermo Rivas-Plata Sierra- Internacionalization of Vinos Cueva and Secretario of ACOCEX;

“The Benefits of Cross-Team Innovation” by Dª Ana de Diego Lagüera – Psychologist, Trainer and Coacher.

The second work session was held at ESART – Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas in Castelo Branco, Portugal on 18 September, with the presentation of five cases studies of product developed under the REiNOVA project that allow exemplifying the methodology, and the Innovation and Internationalization process to which all participating companies had access.

It was also made a new presentation of the objectives, methodology and results obtained by the REiNOVA project, as they were different audiences, in a different place from the previous day.

On both days there was also a presentation session with the possibility to taste the 37 products developed or adapted for foreign markets under the REiNOVA project, This action aroused a high interest and adhesion of the public present in a moment of networking between project promoters, representatives of the POCTEP managing authority, some of the supported entrepreneurs and the general public.

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