6th Partner Meeting – Peniche

Date: April 29-30, 2019

Location: Peniche – Portugal

On April 29 and 30, the 6th meeting of REINOVA project partners was held at CETEMARES facilities in Peniche. This meeting was attended by a total of 17 people, representing all the partners of the REINOVA project.

The 100% participation allowed us to address several topics of interest, such as the physical and financial execution so far, as well as present the conclusions of the participation in the Fair Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa 2019, held between 24 and 26 March.

Also included in this meeting were several case studies of the SMEs supported by the project, in an attempt to perceive the impact of its activities and the difficulties encountered throughout its execution.

Finally, the tasks to be performed up to the end of the project were distributed to the partners and the actions to disseminate the results, including final events, were defined.

Here you can see some photos of the event.

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