REiNOVA project presents innovative products

REiNOVA Project presents innovative products

The REiNOVA project aims to promote innovation in agro-food microenterprises in foreign markets through the cooperation of eleven Portuguese and Spanish partners in which three entities are from the Leiria Region, IDDNET – Technology Network, as project leader, OPEN and IPL.

On February 27th, the first products of the innovation promoted by the REiNOVA project, which began in May 2017, were presented and through the cooperation of cross-border partners, it supported several micro-enterprises in the innovation of their traditional products for export.

The event for the presentation of the first results of the project was held at the premises of CTAEX – Asociación Empresarial Centro Tecnológico Nacional Agroalimentario, in Badajoz, and was attended by the General Director of Foreign Affairs of Extremadura, Rosa Balas, by the CTAEX director José Luis Llerena, by the project coordinator, by IDDNET Executive Director, Isabel Marto, and by Elena de Miguel, director of the Joint Secretariat of the Operational Program for Cross – Border Cooperation Spain – Portugal (POCTEP).

Six innovative products were presented including an extra virgin olive oil marmalade with spirulina, wheat germ transformed into functional food, pressurized sheep’s milk, pollen protein bar developed with IPL monitoring and a new packaging for the commercialization of Gin flavored with herbs .

The Director General for External Action, Rosa Balas, said in a Spanish press release that projects like REiNOVA allow border regions to prepare adequately for the new scenario that will emerge in the coming years with a reduction in EU cohesion funds. Balas also mentioned the importance of all public and private administrations and entities to be aware of the need for preparation to compete in new markets and mentioned as an example “the progress of the projects that are being developed through REiNOVA with the cooperation between Spain and Portugal to compete in other markets and new countries together.”